Our Sustainability Policy

Recycled Polyester

rPET is recycled polyester, derived from post-consumer plastic bottles. rPET breathes new life into discarded waste, transforming it into premium-quality products that are not only eco-conscious but also stylish and durable.

The production process of rPET alone reduces energy consumption by an impressive 35-50%, while also using approximately 20% less water, and lowering CO2 emissions by a staggering 70-79% when compared to traditional production methods.

By choosing rPET, you are actively participating in the reduction of plastic waste.

Organic Cotton

Did you know that the production of a single t-shirt made from regular cotton consumes a staggering 2700 liters of water? It's an alarming figure that highlights the impact of conventional cotton on our precious water resources. But fear not, we've got a better, greener alternative – organic cotton!

Using only 271 litres of water to make an organic cotton t-shirt - that's 91% less water!

Organic cotton boasts the same softness, durability, and comfort you love, now with an added sense of purpose.

Our tree planting initiative

De-forestation is also a huge problem for our environment, with close to 50% of the planet’s forests cleared and that’s something we are really concerned about.

Trees don’t just remove carbon form the air and produce oxygen – they are also homes to wildlife, so we decided to help reforest our nation by working with One Tree Planted.

We have a commitment to planting 1 tree for every $40 our resellers spend on our range of sustainable T-shirts, polo shirts and sand free beach towels.

See the locations of where we plant our trees across Asutralia here

Carbon Neutral Delivery

We are proud to offer you fast, cost effective and 100% carbon neutral shipping. Partnering with Shippit, we can offer our clients a customised checkout process that allows you to select the freight provider that best suits your location, deadline, and budget.

They also offset 100% of the carbon emissions that are generated through shipping and transports.

This is a fully integrated tool automatically calculates the best rates, shipping lead times, and provides user-friendly tracking tools that assure you a reliable and convenient shipping experience.

Bio-degradable Packaging

Using biodegradable corn starch and cardboard, we are proud that our product packaging and shipping options won’t harm the planet.

We take pride in incorporating sustainable alternatives like Heapsgood and Hero Packaging satchels, both proudly Australian-owned, plant-based, and completely compostable.

We also print on 100% recycled paper and use biodegradable sticky-tape!

Renewable Powered Warehouse

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond our fabrics, delivery and packaging efforts. We use 100% green energy sources to power our warehouse and office. We continuously monitor and optimise our energy consumption to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum waste.

We significantly reduce our reliance on traditional energy sources and run our warehouse in the most sustainable manner possible.