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Sustainable Packaging and Shipping

Sustainable Packaging

The transport industry is the largest contributor to global warming, so it doesn’t make sense to deliver a sustainable product in a single use plastic bag, via conventional delivery services, when it’s our goal to be a carbon negative brand.

We're proud that our garments are packed and delivered with minimal environmental impact - our Re-loved HQ is powered by 100% renewable energy!

We minimise packaging for a lot of our products by avoiding individual wrapping (tote bags, beanies, lanyards etc).

We only use biodegradable satchels made from corn starch, thanks to our friends at Hero Packaging and Heaps Good.

Biodegradable packing tape and shipping labels also help deliver your goods in the most sustainable way possible.

We believe the fabrics we use are some of the comfiest fabrics around.

And comfy feels good, but it’s a different feeling when you know your purchase just planted a tree.

Check out where our trees are planted here 

By supporting One Tree Planted, we can ensure that the trees planted are being well-maintained and will have a long-lasting impact.

Carbon Neutral Delivery